McDonald Forest



What should I know about the race, and how do I find out?
Most everything you need to know is in the Race Confirmation Letter.

Are there drop bags for the Mac?
Yes, drop bags will be brought to Dimple Hill Aid Station, at mile 20.

What the heck is a drop bag?
A drop bag is a plastic bag you provide with your name and bib number printed on it.
Fill the bag with anything you like, clothes, food, drink mix, meds, etc
and leave it on the drop bag tarp in front of the Forestry Cabin at the start
and then we'll transport it to the Dimple Hill Aid Station for you.

How do I train for a 50K?
This answer should cost you $100, or you could Google "ultrarun training".
A beginner's answer is to get your training up to 30 miles per week, with 20 of it being a long run.
Don't ramp up more than 10% a week in miles, and alternate hard/easy weeks.
A 15 week schedule might look like: 12/8/15/10/18/12/21/14/24/16/27/18/30/20/30.
A MTuWThFWeekend 18 mile week might be 043407, and 30 miles 0636015 or 0505020.

What should I carry during the race?
You MUST carry a water bottle. Also recommended are a couple gels and some salt tablets.

I have more questions but I don't see the answer here. What should I do?
Send a message to the race directors and we'll get the answers posted here for everyone to read.

50K Race Directors

Anne Miller and Mike Rosling, co-RDs
McDonald Forest 50K