14th Annual

McDonald Forest Ultramarathon 50K

Oregon Trail Ultramarathon Series Race


May 9th, 2009, Saturday

Race Start:  8AM      Early Start:  7AM

Forestry Cabin, Peavy Arboretum, Corvallis, Oregon

Runner Check In:   6:00 to 7:30AM 



Welcome to the 14th annual McDonald Forest Ultramarathon.  Thanks for your support! It is always a pleasure to welcome such a great and fun group of long distance trail runners to Corvallis. The McDonald Forest 50KM is part of the Oregon Trail Ultramarathon race series.


The race is held on the Oregon State University McDonald Forest, Starker Forest, and City of Corvallis Chip Ross Park.  The managers of the OSU Research Forest, Starker Forest and the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department have given permission and support this event.  Please obey all forest rules and regulations posted at Peavy Arboretum and throughout the McDonald Forest.  This mainly means staying on course, not littering, not smoking and not cutting down trees.  The proceeds support local high school cross-country teams and OSU Research Forest.  Thank you for your support! 


Race and Lodging Info: http://mac.oregontrailseries.org   Click on Visit Corvallis, then Book A Hotel.




In addition to race morning, packet pickup will be available between 4PM and 7PM, the day before the race, Friday May 8th, at the Forestry Cabin, Peavy Arboretum (Race Start Location). The entrance to Peavy Arboretum is located off Arboretum Road, a left turn off Highway 99, approximately 6 miles north of Corvallis or a right turn off Highway 99, approximately 13 miles south of Monmouth.  All runners must check in prior to the start of the race.




After entering Peavy Arboretum, stay left! The paved road will turn into a packed gravel road. Follow the parking signs and volunteers to the parking areas near the Forestry Cabin. Arrive early to avoid a parking delay!  Please, please follow the instructions of the parking volunteers or we may not be able to use the Forestry Cabin in the future.




At the start the runners will run 1.2 miles on a logging road to spread out before entering a single track trail. The course is 31.4 miles long. This is a loop course with approximately 6,700 feet of elevation gain. The course is 17.54 miles of trails and 13.90 miles of logging roads.  A very complicated map and directions are on the web site: www.oregonstrailseries.org/mac.  The course is extremely well marked with yellow ribbons, flour, wooden signs and many course marshals. In keeping with tradition, this years’ course will again be slightly different from any other year. As it was the last two years, the middle 2/3rds of the course will be run in the reverse direction from years past. This should again make for a fast year as the maze will come earlier and the course will run down Dan’s trail from Dimple Hill (aid station #3, mile 18.6) to Chip Ross Park (aid station #4, mile 22.6).



You will cross a paved road at the Lewisburg Saddle at 6.9 miles and 26.8 miles.    Please STOP and walk across this road.  We do not have permission to stop traffic during this race.   This road crossing is a saddle/summit, with limited views in both directions for runners and automobiles.  It is an area where many other forest users (hikers, bicyclists) park and enter the forest.  Automobiles will be driving over this saddle/summit with limited views. Please be careful!  Corvallis Mountain Rescue emergency personnel will be on duty at the finish line and all aid stations.



# 1 Lewisburg Saddle              6.9 Miles         5.2 Miles

# 2 Bottom of Extendo Trail    12.1 Miles        6.5 Miles         

# 3 Dimple Hill                                    18.6 Miles        4.0 Miles          1:00PM           Drop Bag

# 4 Chip Ross Park                  22.6 Miles        4.2 Miles          2:00PM          

# 6 Lewisburg Saddle              26.8 Miles        4.8 Miles          3:00PM


The Finish line will close  at 4:00PM.  Early start is at 7AM.


Drop Bags will be delivered to Aid Station #3 Dimple Hill (18.6 Miles). Montrail has kindly provided a drop bag that you will receive at packet pickup/registration.


Aid Stations will have; water, electrolyte drink (Hammer Heed), Coke, ice,  Hammer Gel, potatoes, bananas, pretzels, chips, cookies, Endurolyte Caps, and first aid (Vaseline, Advil, Tums and Band-Aids). The electrolyte drink will be Hammer Heed from Hammer Nutrition and will be available race morning at the Forestry cabin before the start of the race.  There will be Tecnu at aid stations in case you come in contact with the evil poison oak. Ask the aid station volunteers if you need Tecnu, Endurolyte caps, Tums or Advil. 




There will be an optional early start at 7AM for runners concerned about making the cutoffs at the aid stations and at the finish. Please take the early start only if you expect to finish in more than 7 hours. Early starters will be included in the overall race results, but will not be considered for age group recognition, unless everyone in their age group took the early start. Last year there were at least 30 early starters. If you plan to start at 7AM, make sure it is noted on your application, or please email (scott.leonard@oregonstate.edu) or call (541-737-9476) prior to the race, to assist the race directors in keeping track of the early starter’s and their finish times.


** Early starters who run faster than 7 hours will have their actual finish time listed in the overall results, but their time used for the Oregon Trail race series scoring will be 7 hours. Early starters should not be runners who are trying to avoid the mud and running under a 7 hour pace.  If so, you may miss some course markings and arrive at aid stations before they are set up.  You will not be eligible for age group awards unless only early starters are in your age group.




After finishing the race we would like you to join the other ultrarunners in the Forestry Cabin for home made vegetarian soup, Great Harvest bread, cookies, Hansen’s fruit drinks and fruit.  Results will be posted often in the Forestry cabin.  The runners who finish 1,2,3 overall and 1,2,3 masters overall (male and female), will earn a ceramic mug and will receive the award within an hour after finishing their race.  The overall men’s and women’s winners will also receive a gift certificate. Race results will be available on the website and mailed upon request.


There will be a “5 Year” finishers mug awarded to runners who will be finishing the McDonald Forest 50K race for their 5th year. There will be a “10 Year” plate awarded to runners who will be finishing the McDonald Forest 50K Race for the 10th year. There will be a prize drawing before the race for many items contributed by our great sponsors and the winners will be posted in the Forestry Cabin prior to the start of the race.



Course Records

                                Women                                                                Men

19&under Brad Markle, Corvallis OR 5:47:27

29-29 Evelyn Dong, Bend, OR 4:38:34 CR!               20-29  Scott Jurek, Seattle, WA  4:10:33

30-39 Kathy O’Hara, Bend, OR 4:50:21                                 30-39  Todd Braje, Eugene, OR 3:54:58 CR!

40-49 Meghan Arbogast, Corvallis, OR  4:47:56         40-49  Neil Olsen, Central Point, OR 4:16:47

50-59 Shirley Kaiser, Beaverton, OR 5:55:26              50-59  John Ticer, Eugene, OR 4:24:21

60-69 Marilyn Kovtunovich, Ashland, OR 7:08:10     60-69  Eb Engelmann, Salem, OR 5:37:09

                                                                                    70&up Bill Robbins, Corvallis, OR 6:52:56


All of the courses have been challenging and Penny McDermott is the only person to ever win the race twice.  No male has ever won the race twice. The course has had minor and sometimes major revisions from year to year. It could be argued that there are 26 course record holders, one for every year. This year will again be a fast Mac-Lite course!


1996    Andy Fecteau              4:14:57                        Kathy O’Hara                          4:50:21

1997    Rich Cramer                4:09:29                        Gabriela Rosales                      5:21:22

1998    Dave Terry                  4:23:44                        Janet Stadshaug                                   5:28:32           

1999    Scott Jurek                   4:10:33                        Tina Boucher                           5:07:54

2000    Nate McDowell                        4:18:33                        Robin Beebee                          5:05:19

2001    William Emerson         4:14:56                        Luanne Park                            5:07:05

2002    Tom Moritz                  4:02:23                        Barbara Leinweber                  5:35:31

2003    Brandow Sybrowsky   4:17:58                        Audrey Nelson                                    5:23:46

2004    Michael Lynes             4:10:27                        Meghan Arbogast                     4:47:56

2005    Brian Morrison                        4:39:23                        Kami Semick                           5:15:48

2006    John Ticer                    4:29:43                        Penny McDermott                    5:09:45

2007    Todd Braje                   3:54:58!           Penny McDermott                    4:55:48

2008    Dan Olmstead              3:56:12                        Evelyn Dong                            4:38:34!


We would like to thank Hammer Gel, Brooks, Sporthill, Dirty Girl Gaiters, Vickis Mitts, Oregon Trail Brewery, Five Star Sports, and Backcountry.com for their support of this race.  The volunteers and the Oregon State University Research Forest make this race possible. 


If there is no mud, please don’t complain. Have a good time and good luck!


Thanks so much for supporting our race!

Race Directors - Ken Ward & Scott Leonard

541 737-9476 (daytime)     541 752-0780 (evenings until 9:00pm)

2430 NW Hayes, Corvallis OR  97331


Web Site: http://www.oregontrailseries.org/mac

E-Mail:  scott.leonard@oregonstate.edu

Series Web Site: http://www.oregontrailseries.org